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Did you know that the payments you’ve made are going more towards the interest than the principle, (AND YOUR CAR IS DEPRECIATING EVERY DAY).
Do you know that you can actually upgrade your vehicle and get a better interest rate for the same payment or less?
Do you know if you’ve made the last 9 to 12 payments on time, you QUALIFY!
We make it fun and easy for you to get the car of your dreams with the best interest rates and the payment you’ll love!  We’re experts in the car industry and working with 15 Largest Auto Loans Company in Canada, and we use our knowledge and resources to find you the right vehicle at the right price. Every vehicle, every truck, SUV, sedan, whatever make or model; VinBuster’s can find it for you, at the best price.  We update our information in real-time, finding the best deals right now!  And, we get you the easy financing you deserve.

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 — Iraj Khan, Chief Executive Officer, Vin Busters.

How VinBusters works!

✅ Just fill out our quick and easy form.

✅  We’ll hop on a call & find out where you’re at.

✅  If you decide we are a fit, then we work together.

✅ We find your new ride and CHOP YOUR RATE.

✅  We deliver your new ride with a full tank to your door.

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Reasons to Choose us

We sincerely want to help you stop paying high interest rates and rebuild your credit so that you can have the financial freedom and flexibility you deserve.

Easy Loan Approvals
We work with all major banks and lenders so that we can accommodate every credit situation with no money down.

Lowest possible rate available
Our lenders will fight for your business, giving you the best possible rates, whether you have solid gold or tarnished credit!

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Reasons to Choose us

Hassle free
We make it our mission to help you have a pleasant easy experience. Will even deliver your shiny new ride right to your door!

Quality inventory
We promise no lemons here! Every preowned vehicle is newer, fully inspected and certified. We offer a wide range of makes and models to fit your budget and your lifestyle!

Quality customer service
Most importantly, we have only the best, most experienced and good hearted real people on our team! Our mission is to help people get the best vehicle and financing for their individual needs. We want to help people who have been let down by others and build long lasting relationships to keep you, your family and your friends happy for years to come! (Ask about our referral program)

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We Help Everyone… seriously!

We understand that your credit score doesn’t define you. We work with people from all walks of life, regardless of what your financial or credit situation.

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Iraj Khan
Chief Executive Officer
Sarah Boileau
President of Finance
Lisa Nicole
Executive Vice President
Mikey Collins
Sales Manager