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Take Lots of Good Photos

Photos are often vital to starting a relationship in online dating, and they’re always vital in ending your relationship with your ride in its FOR SALE ad. Photos answer questions. Does the vehicle have the rims the shoppers like? A spoiler? Is the interior clean? Is there any damage to the carpeting? Take lots of photos, with the highest-quality camera you’ve got – and never with a flip-phone from 1999. Stand back a little to include some background with the image. Get all four sides of the exterior, a few angle shots, and don’t forget details like the headlamps, wheels and tires, exhaust, badge decals, and the box, if it’s a pickup truck. Also, when uploading the photos, make sure they are right side up, rather than upside down or sideways.

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If you don't have the videos handy, don't worry. You can add or edit them after you complete your ad using the "Manage Your Ad" page.
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Be flexible on price, The magic number that you decide to put in your ad is one that comes from a combination of its potential value and what makes financial sense to you. Because everyone wants to haggle, you can pad your price by a few percent to leave room for negotiation. However, if your car is one that’s in good shape and desirable, and you can carry the added expense (insurance, parking, advertising, etc.) of a longer selling period, it can’t hurt to stand firm on your number.f you can’t wait that long, be prepared to let your price drop until traffic picks up.Also, if you are going to lower the price, don’t forget to change that everywhere – you don’t want an embarrassing situation where someone discovers the new number while you’re negotiating.

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